Barking about us

Before training with Beth, my dog was deemed "too aggressive" for group classes. I felt helpless trying to work with her on my own. Thankfully, I found Beth. She showed great patience and understanding with both my dog and me. In just a few short months of training with Beth, my sweet border collie has become a totally different dog. Now, she is able to play well with other dogs at puppy day care. She has completed an intermediate group class and she has earned her Canine Good Citizen designation! Even my vet commented how amazing the transformation has been since her first trip to see him six months ago. Tess and I are proof that there is hope for even the toughest cases! I highly encourage anyone who wants to have fun and bond with his or her dog to sign up for a class with Beth today!!!"

Jennifer and Tess

"I can't say enough about Beth Shepherd! She is a knowledgeable and gifted dog trainer. She taught me how to integrate a puppy into my busy family with young children by using positive reinforcement to grow my puppy up into a happy, healthy dog. Her many years of experience with all kinds of dogs have helped me in so many different areas of training. We worked on polite family dog behaviors like loose-lead walking and greeting behaviors, in addition to managing problem behaviors like stopping fence barking and doorbell desensitization. Beth has an answer to every question I ask about my dog...and the answers work! I can walk my dog in local parks and pass other dogs and people on bikes with a well-mannered dog. My children can walk our dog around our neighborhood without being pulled every which way. My family can eat dinner without our dog begging under the table. You can enter my house without my dog barking and jumping up on you. When asked how I get my dog to behave so well, I always refer people to Beth. Her enthusiasm and skills making training your dog fun for the whole family. Thank you, Beth, for all of your support and excellent training!"

Kasey and Pepsi

I cannot say enough about my dogs (and my) trainer, Beth. My pups look forward to our one-on-one class every week. I love her positive reinforcement approach. My Stella received here AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certificate from working with Beth. Looking forward to Therapy Dog training, Agility, and more fun times for my two babies!! Thank you, Beth! We Love You!!

Margie S.and Stella Ogden, NC

Just wanted to tell you how great Monty did on a walk with her lab friend Foster. People were actually complementing me on how well behaved the two dogs were (I had to walk both of them because my friend was out of town). I was amazed and it is all because of you!"

Jenn M. and Monty Wilmington, NC