About the trainer

Beth Shepherd CPADT, CNVAB
Certified Professional Family Dog trainer , Certified Service dog trainer ( specialties of Diabetic alert PTSD and Mobility) Certified non veterinary animal behaviorist

At Salty Dogs Obedience Training we are a small family run training center that is family oriented and fun! Beth Shepherd ,the owner, has over 20 years of experience making training a fun and productive experience for both you and your canine companion. She has been the head behaviorist for several service dog organizations and rescues in the area. Beth Shepherd has helped thousands of dogs stay in their homes and is the go to for many local vets in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick Counties. She certifies young and up in coming trainers through her apprenticeship program where she feels it is important for them to get hands on experience and learn multiple styles of training. She believes that learning should take place in a positive environment where the pup feels safe to learn. We will help you find your dog's passion, whether it is agility, competition obedience, or being a great family member. It is our hope at Salty Dogs Obedience Training that you will find, as we have, once you start training a dog it is nearly impossible to stop!